FLoKaSon is your first choice for repair, tuning and retrofit of your cutting room.

with over 20 years of experience and countless studios from jamaica,over the usa
to almost all rooms in france and germany we definitely can help you out.

we also carry exchange pcbs for SAL, upgrade cards and an incredible stock of spare parts.
we had our fingers on every cutting amplifier ever made.
from rare neumann VG1, ortofon tube systems
to the westrex 1700 and neumann SAL74 workhorses.

the same for the cutting lathes.
from pre WW2 neumann am131 over scully and lyrec lathe to latest VMS82 DMM machine
every professional lathe has been in our labs or we still have it in our collection.

we also carry special spare parts and
with our mechanical skills there is nothing we can not reproduce.

feel free to ship your equipment to our lab. there we can work under best conditions and have the optimal
measurment equipment.

rates are
SFR 120.-/hour or SFR 1000.- for a working day.
plus travel cost & accomodation.
for europe service trips there is a travel-time fee
SFR 300.- for berlin
SFR 500.- for all other european locations.
SFR 1000 for any other destination plus expenses for visa
although I did a lot of work during past 15 years in USA , I am not very keen to travel there.
so ask Chris Muth (east coast) or Len Horowitz (west coast).
if you think you still want to go with us, we find an arrangement. but i try always to put a service tour together.so we can minimize flights and you can share transport cost.

or join
the service club
for a limited number of studios we offer the "service club"
like an insurrance you pay a fixed fee per year and get 2 days of work,
measurment, alignment or checkup. either you have an equipment
breakdown or you can choose the days for yearly check-up and tuning.
also we offer free online support by skype, email or phone
and reduced hour fees for additional work.

ask about details. its limited to 25-30 studios max.

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contact me at flo (at) floka(dot)com