FLoKaSon has now around 25 years of experience in cutterhead repair and design.
starting with winding feedbackcoils for the official neumann service in late 90ies
we moved on to the design of sc-99 head around 2000 with vinylium,
then in 2010 a lowcost semipro cutterhead generation, the caruso project was introduced
and now since 2018 we work on the latest generation of state of the art cutterheads.

la callas, our highest end and top performer, with ceramic feedback coils best matching coils. just the best of the best.
dialba. the affordable, but professional workhorse, just a new replacement for SX74 heads.

we have original Neumann Tools and currently 99 percent of all spareparts needed for full rebuilt of SX68, SX74 and SX84 heads
we prefer to rebuild your head than to repair it. a rebuilt means. new springs. new drive coils. new feedback coils. new torque tube. new V-spring

also normally we almost only repair the heads of our service customers

forst dialba heads where shipped to customers in 2020

for quality control we use audio precision analyzers
and selected HP/Agilent Measurment Equipment to ensure best quality control.

We can offer the repair for the following heads:

Neumann SX68 *from Summer 2014 on
Neumann Sx74 *from Summer 2014 on
Neumann SX84 *from Summer 2014 on
Vinylium SC99
FlokaSon Caruso
Ortofon MonoHeads DS552 up to DS643
Grampian Heads

and older moving iron heads on request.

We dont fix Ortofon Stereo Heads. For all Ortofon Heads please contact etek.dk

For Westrex and Haeco Heads contact Len Horowitz @ HRS in LosAngeles.
If its urgent we can also fix Westrex Heads, but we have almos no spare parts.so just in emergency.
please contact Len. He ist the expert on Westrex

All repairs is full rebuild. that means:
new coils
new springs
new feedback coils.
and if necessary new torque tube.
so you have a brand new head to original specs.

If budget is an issue we can also do one system repair.
But we can not guarantee best performance then.

Price for a full rebuild is:
SX84 SFR. 3500.-
SX74, SX68 SFR. 4000.-
Vinylium SC99 SFR 2000.-
Caruso SFR 400.-

plus shipping and additional customs declaration costs.
and if you dont ship in a peli case. we will send back in a peli style case. + CHF 100

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