Brand new SAL74 input stage and FB mon out

just tested the new prototypes for SAL74 input.

another few meters of cable and connections can be saved.
i made a new input board and FBmon balanced output that goes directly on the back of the SAL74 rack.
best laser trimmed input and shortest signal path possible.

thats how it should be done. we still work hard to reduce your SAL74 rack to the max.

nice balanced input stage (THAT124x ,INA137….)
presetable line attentuator or direct stepped attentuator
optional optical isolated mute stage for faster switch off and muting.

balance output (DRV13x or THAT 154x) for FB monitor.

all on a nice small board.

available beginning march. place your preorder now.

FLoKASon TT15 lyrec replacement.

We just installed the first TT15 Motor.
This one is a lyrec replacement or can be used for any lathe with direct drive shaft.


Best for polycarbonate cuts because of high torque.

motor needs to be under the lathe connected by a clutch.

Motor has approx 3-4 times more torque than a technics SP-02!

at the moment the motor is not quarz locked yet. but we work on that.
its a low cost alternative to Technics SP02, or FlokaSOn TT14.
Motor has 450W electrical Power.
Diameter is 250mm.
Shaft Diameter is 16mm for direct lyrec replacement