Happy New Year

hello everybody.
sorry it was quite silent on this news blog. time flies.
but you can also follow on ig:
i try to clean up the lab. play around with new toys and will be back at beginning of february 2021.

for this year, we will have limited capacity. that means:

caruso heads: 10-12 pcs
dialba heads: 5 pcs
lacallas head: 1
SX84 dmm head: 2 pcs
pitch18 controllers: 5 pcs
AM44: 1-2 pcs
ultracut amps: 1-2 pcs
cutterhead repairs: 5-6 pcs
service days: depending on covid situation around 10 jobs
online and send in repairs: 15 jobs

if all is gone, please ask again in 2022.
if you want or need something from that list. send us a mail and we get back to you asap. then we can reserve one of those.. first come first serve. some of the items might gone quick.
of course we reserve some capacity for our loyal customers.

thanks for your understanding.
happy cutting and stay healthy

we celebrate 50 years of neumann sx cutterhead

flokason is celebrating 50 year of neumann stereo sx cutterhead technology with a redesign of this great masterpiece. strictly limited to 50 pcs. we introduce the latest cutterhead technology. this time money and technology is not the limiting factor.
the pricetag is almost same as back in the days.
most of the studios in my address database will receive the A3 poster by analog mail.

RDL18. new RDL.level adjustment gear

also brand new:
a stackable, and fully programmable level adjustment tool (PGA2310 based , 0.5db steps)

can be used as 2channel , 4 channel or 4channel + inversed monitor RDL unit.

at the moment i use a 24 step elma to control 24 steps. nice haptic experience.
but any other step configuration can be quickly implemented
also fader knobs. or mute switches.
from -95.5 to +31.5 db all is possible
input/output with that 1206, 1646 chips.

caruso batch nr. 144-195 back from anodisation

after almost 2 years,i found the time to engrave
the serial numbers with my 1965 analog gravograph pantograph, and sent to anodisation.
caruso nr.144-195 are back in the lab for further assembly.

all new caruso’s have a lower 2nd resonance and a few other improvements.
and we will have soon nice polepiece logo stickers!
can’t decide the color’s yet. it wont be one of those. caruso_polepiece_logo2


pitch13 gets a face lifting -> pitch18

another lift for the hardworking pitch controller.
-a few hardware bugs corrected.
-a few parts updated.
-better input port protection.
-a few changes in the layout for better production.

pitch18 prototype arrived and will replace soon the pitch13 pcb.

the functionality is 100% the same.
-pinout of connectors is the same
-software is the same and works on all version (pitch98,pitch13,pitch18)

there is no reason to pugrade your pitch98 or pitch13. its the same.
we just keep the hardware as actual as possible.and we need less time to produce
and the result is more reliable. thats all.


AM44 more progress

brand new motor.turntable bearing design and new motor software.
super stable. super strong.


new tests. here still with a stock neumann suspension as we did not yet receive the new suspension box prototypes….
but we did great cuts. with caruso head and vc200 amps. this will be the new bundle for the simple am44 setup. sound is incredible.

AM44 last bits and pieces finalize…

most of the important details are now fixed and first batches produced.
14″ vacuum platter:
AM44 has now a nice high precision 14inch vacuum platter.

hard anodised surface.
vacuum adjustment from the side.
40mm thick and super accurate.

suspension box design fixed and prototype under construction

linear slide. made in switzerland same dimension as neumann.

the spindle with neumann specs. made in switzerland. hardened and machined to 0.002mm tolerance!
M18x1mm for bidirectional operation. inside out cuts possible!

the upper spindle is the new one.the lower an original one. there is only asmall detail changed on the right side and has no influence on exchange. but it alows to use a modified , more accure and simpler bearing plate on AM44.

vertical linear unit selected. same precision from same company as the long slide…







the only detail i work on, is the design of the arm between linear slide and suspension box.
first units with laser cut steel. later we do a casted version.

i hope to have a spreadsheet soon about overall cost for the low end and the professional unit.