SAB74B2_FB cards arrived.

full SAB74 encoder feedback setup in stock!
the encoder is already avalilable for a few month.
now i also got the feedback card in original neumann lenght (274mm)
so the double card can be produced.
first 3 sets are built and tested.
it has slightly different schematics. no more stacked print.
nice SSM2019 flokason state of the art input for feedback circuit.
optional light beam correction on request. original neumann parts and configuration on request.

this is the plug&play drop in.

the cards will be all matched pair.
all important caps hand selected <0.5%. all transistors and FETS measured and paired to get best channel matching.all measured and compared for best performance. i strongly recommend the ultracut version. that means slightly changed values for better performance. removed lightband correction filter no cutter equalizer->one opamp less. much better sound.

price per pair is CHF: 5000.-
if you can recycle your old front plates it will be even less.


new low cost phonopreamp with adjustable gain and balanced out

always missing or broken. or at least a nice to have item.

finally FLoKaSon brings you a lowcost heavy duty phono preamp for MM-Systems.

balanced line output. adjustable output level with multiturn spindle trimmer. heavy duty hammond case.

no fancy or esotheric schematics. just simple.

nice decent 1% metal film resistors. hand selected foil caps. sockets for opamps. and nice output stage. needs +/-15V external power supply.

we currently check for a nice supply. but you can attach to SAL74 rack or other gear with dual power supply.



FLoKASon TT15 lyrec replacement.

We just installed the first TT15 Motor.
This one is a lyrec replacement or can be used for any lathe with direct drive shaft.


Best for polycarbonate cuts because of high torque.

motor needs to be under the lathe connected by a clutch.

Motor has approx 3-4 times more torque than a technics SP-02!

at the moment the motor is not quarz locked yet. but we work on that.
its a low cost alternative to Technics SP02, or FlokaSOn TT14.
Motor has 450W electrical Power.
Diameter is 250mm.
Shaft Diameter is 16mm for direct lyrec replacement


SC99 repair situation. critical but better than 2014. 80% solved

At the moment we can not guarantee a full repair of sc99 cutterheads.

we work hard on getting all important parts to rebuild those heads to full specs.

just received a first batch of systemholders.

brand new system holders for SC99 heads received
brand new system holders for SC99 heads received

the main important parts are:

drivecoil body * not available yet. but in most cases we can recycle.

system holder. on stock

springs on stock

spring holder and distance on stock

feedback coils . limited quantity on stock

drive magnet systems . limited quantity on stock

feedback magnet systems. on stock

So we are to 80% ready for new rebuild. still missing a few specific tools. but priority is not the highest but by mid 2015 all should be here.