brand new LOV74 N,P (SAL74 power amp) cards

first batch of LOV74N and LOV74P arrived.
will be tested soon and main batch is ordered.

plug&play SAL74 amplifier cards.
– all new built.
– with much better performing transistors than the old MJ410/MJ423.
– 115um copper traces.
– increased voltage bypass caps.
– available parts




with this cards SAL74C rack is complete and we can soon provide brand new built SAL74C racks.

AM44 new turntable bearing concept

just machined the new AM44 turntable bearings.
still in conceptual phase. but i guess this is the way to go.

main concept is similar to the Neumann approach:

Aluminum case
bronce sinter glide berarings
and Axial Bearing

but i also include a 1000 imp/rev encoder on the axis.
the vacuum is taken through the axis.
and the bearing plate will have the screws to adjust the height.

as TT15 does not need a heavy casted iron turntable anymore this is much better
for brushless, direc drive motors.

Brand new SAL74 input stage and FB mon out

just tested the new prototypes for SAL74 input.

another few meters of cable and connections can be saved.
i made a new input board and FBmon balanced output that goes directly on the back of the SAL74 rack.
best laser trimmed input and shortest signal path possible.

thats how it should be done. we still work hard to reduce your SAL74 rack to the max.

nice balanced input stage (THAT124x ,INA137….)
presetable line attentuator or direct stepped attentuator
optional optical isolated mute stage for faster switch off and muting.

balance output (DRV13x or THAT 154x) for FB monitor.

all on a nice small board.

available beginning march. place your preorder now.

PITCH13 now also for VMS80/VMS82

first integration of a pitch13 on a vms80/VMS82.
on my “to do list” for a long time.
those 80ies electronics is close or already over end of life.
a repair is often not very economic. having pitch13 for those lathes was a question since years.

now the first VMS80 runs with pitch13. except the turntable and pitch motor drive card all is brand new. even BGE80 is a new programmable card.

to be continued..

we are prepared for your broken VMS80/82.