AM44 last bits and pieces finalize…

most of the important details are now fixed and first batches produced.
14″ vacuum platter:
AM44 has now a nice high precision 14inch vacuum platter.

hard anodised surface.
vacuum adjustment from the side.
40mm thick and super accurate.

suspension box design fixed and prototype under construction

linear slide. made in switzerland same dimension as neumann.

the spindle with neumann specs. made in switzerland. hardened and machined to 0.002mm tolerance!
M18x1mm for bidirectional operation. inside out cuts possible!

the upper spindle is the new one.the lower an original one. there is only asmall detail changed on the right side and has no influence on exchange. but it alows to use a modified , more accure and simpler bearing plate on AM44.

vertical linear unit selected. same precision from same company as the long slide…







the only detail i work on, is the design of the arm between linear slide and suspension box.
first units with laser cut steel. later we do a casted version.

i hope to have a spreadsheet soon about overall cost for the low end and the professional unit.

first AM44 left my lab

first AM44 machine left my lab:



equipped with a
professional Pitch13 system,
16″ vacuum turntable and
TT15 direct drive

it will be already close to a good neumann VMS70.

there are still a few parts in prototype stage like arm and suspension box.
but we work hard to get those parts to a final stage.

ballpark price for a working system based on caruso head and simple fixed pitch will be around CHF 15’000.

stay tuned for more news.